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The absolute everyday companion- 100% cotton woven towels made in Greece, square, pre-washed, decorated with woven patterns inspired from the Greek tradition, ready to use and highly absorbent. Can be used as a towel for the beach, for the bathroom, the spa, the jacuzzi or hammam, as a throw for your chair, your sofa or your bed, as a blanket, a tablecloth, a pic-nic towel, a wrap-pareo, a toy ground for your kid, or as whatever else you might possibly think off...extremely light and beautiful, for sure the best choice regardless season and hemisphere! Just pick a colour and make your life brighter, lighter and softer!



Batic towel by Fabric

46,00 €Price
  • 100% cotton towels woven in Greece by the highest quality of cotton fibre.


    Size: 170 cm X 180 cm, pre-washed (size not affected after washing).


    Weight: between 465-625 grammes.


    All patterns are inspired by Ancient Greek history, tradition and mythology.