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Born in August 1976, after graduating school I moved to Spain where I completed my studies in Spanish language at the University Complutense of Madrid. During 1995-1998 I settled in London, where I completed my BA in Archaeology at UCL. Alternative since early youth, those were the years I traveled the most around the world, in search of inspiration & adventure stories, seeking to create an imprint of my own personal growth.

After travelling to Inida and staying there for 2 years, I found what I was looking for in the Ashtanga Yoga practice. Ever since I'm a passionate Yogi and teacher.
In the summer months I run two shops called Melina's Little Shop in Vasiliki, on the Island of Lefkada, Greece. In my shop and here online I curate a range of authentic clothes  & accessories from small Greek brands. Every piece you can find in my shop and online has been handpicked and put together with great care & love- to make you feel the Greek summer vibes where ever you are!
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